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Welcome to Greggo Gaming

Floating Mana Tokens

Mana that Floats

NEW TOKENS! Get your new tokens, here! Check out our new product line of Floating Mana Tokens. We're happy to add these rare tokens types that demonstrate where all your mana resources are going. Illustrated by our friend and concept artist Joshua Calloway.

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Edgar Allen Poe Portrait

Halloween Special

Enjoy this Halloween treat. A playmat adorned with imagery from the classic works of Edgar Allen Poe. Illustrated by the dark artist of Chicago, Lisa Pangborn.

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Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday!!!

April is my birth month, so let's celebrate. With every order for the month of April I'll be giving away a free set of my Gamer Girl Stickers.

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Concept Image of Custom Playmats

Custom Zoned Playmats

Greggo here, and I understand that we thrive in our own unique styles of game play. Our style of play is as unique to us as our fingerprints. And while I love to play my favorite fantasy card game with my zoned playmats, I understand and support that not everybody plays with the same layout as myself. That's why I'm happy to work with you on creating an immersive playmat just for you.

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Product photo of Gamer Girl Playmats spread

Gamer Girl Playmats

Greggo here, and I've been working with my artist friend, Amy Matthews, on a series of playmats that are now available for purchase. Which gamer is your favorite?

Currently we have five, but we hope to add more to the series. Let me know what kind of gamer you would like to see next?

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Cartoon Greggo Knight on the computer

This site is Live!

Hi and thanks for visiting. Greggo here, and I'm happy to announce that this site has launched. But of course you know this because you're here. It's been a lot of hard and fun work on my end getting this thing up and running and I just wanted to take note. As I breathe a sigh of relief, please enjoy your experience as you learn more and do a little shopping. Maybe even purchase something.

Which you'd also be taking advantage of my inexperience. I currently don't have any shipping rates set up, so while I'm trying to figure all that out, you win. There's currently free shipping until I can figure this stuff out. Sorry to my international friends, I'm only shipping within the United States. But contact me directly if you'd like me to set up a manual order and I'll be happy to create a customized shipment for you.

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You Tell Me

Currently, it's too early to tell what you'll be fan's of, but in the future I'll use this space to let you know what's popular. For now, please let me know what you're excited for.

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One of Everything

At this early stage of growing my product line, I only have two kinds of products, playmats and stickers. But once things level off, I'll have more helpful recommendations from my store, something more appropriate for the current times.

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