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Gamer Girl Sticker SetStickers

If you, or your loved one, is like me, we have tons of boxes of collectable cards. For years I would draw on the outside of my boxes to label what was in them. Welp, I thought in order to make things easier for us, why not just print out some labels to stick on our boxes. I'm happy to present to you my first series of box labels using art from my Gamer Girl Series by Amy Matthews. Of course, you can stick these anywhere and use them anyhow, but I recommend using them as box labels. Just take these color coded labels, match up the corresponding box and slap that label right on there. Plus, they'll spice up your boxes with their fabulous art.

The Gamer Girl Sticker Set has five 2" round stickers, perfect for adorning all those plain white boxes.

❤️Free Shipping on All Orders❤️


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