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Edgar Allen PoePlaymat

"A fever dream of my favorite things." - Lisa Pangborn. Enjoy this playmat adorned with imagery from the classic works of Edgar Allen Poe. Illustrated by the Chicago Dark Artist Lisa Pangborn.

Greggo Gaming Playmats are 14" x 24" and each product is offered in three different versions:

  1. The simplest version with just the fabulous art
  2. The art with border lines to zone out the play area
  3. The art with zones and titles to help beginners play their favorite fantasy card game. The titled zones are:
    1. Opponent's Life Total
    2. Your Life Total
    3. Turn Counter
    4. Misc. Counters for You
    5. Misc. Counters for Your Opponent
    6. Your Library
    7. Your Command Zone
    8. Your Graveyard
    9. Your Exile
    10. Combat
    11. Battlefield
    12. Lands

  4. $35.00


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